We're always up for something out of the box. So much so, that we have a constant list of "bucket list weddings" that we want to be a part of more than we know how to say. If any of the below weddings sound like your perfect wedding day, you're going to want to inquire because we'll give a discount for the first couple that books that bucket list wedding with us.

Bucket List Weddings

Hear us out: you and your love get engaged. You two invite your friends & loved ones to an engagement party to celebrate how freaking excited you are to marry your person... PLOT TWIST; it's actually your ~wedding~. Are you and your fiancé ready to pull an Andy + April? IS this your vibe? Because it's deeeefinitely ours. Like it's such a vibe that we're ready to knock $200 off any package for one couple ready to book such a switch-a-roo.

The Surprise Wedding

Photo by Dani Leigh Photography

New Bucket List Wedding Coming Soon!

Photo by Mirage Photography

PICTURE IT though. You dress up as the corpse bride. Or Leslie Knope in her wedding dress. Or a zombie bride. Or you name it. Your guests show up as pirates, as Michael Scott, as an astronaut, as Cruella deVil, as Taylor Swift. The sky's the limit. We want to plan this day with you. Whether it be reception only, ceremony only, or both, we'll knock $200 off your package.

The Costume Party Reception

Photo by Aubrianna Lee Photography